Hello, friend!  My name is Erin Howe, and it's my voice that you read, rambling on, most of the time here at Children's Fashion Workshop.  I have a whole passel of children, and I get a kick out of making pretty clothes for them.  I just didn't want to bother with trying to find commercial sewing patterns to fit my wild ideas for new projects, so I've figured out how to design the patterns myself. 

The way I do it is with flat pattern drafting.  "Flat" simply means we're drafting the pattern on paper, not on a dress form.  "Pattern", you understand.  "Drafting" is the combination of design and drawing that takes us from idea to working pattern.  Thus, what we learn to do here, flat pattern drafting. 

You can read about how I designed my basic patterns here.  Much of the information on pattern alterations came from the same sources, and my lessons are my attempt to order and set down all that information in an easy, usable way for both you and myself.  

Here you'll find tools that you can use to help work up your creative visions.  You supply the enthusiasm and the idea for a lovely new garment, and I'll help you figure out how to make it come to life. 

Let's design something together.  I can't wait!

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