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I'm Erin.  Gardening addict, incurable maker, insatiable reader, closet author, chronicler of childhood, wanderer, wonderer.  I'm glad you've come to sit a while with me.

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Offhand comments:

9.y.o.-"I have three ant bites.  Can I use this stuff I found in the first aid kit on them?  It's called ant-acid." 

9.y.o.-"It would be awesome if we had a 3-d printer because then we could print anything. a tiny little model of Angkor Wat!"

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in case you can never get enough

On Thanksgiving, as I stood in my mother's kitchen, my sister took my phone out of my hands and signed me up for Instagram.  Everyone who's anyone, she said, and I was no one but when she was done with me I was someone. So, if you're one of the flattering few who can't get enough of our antics, you're welcome to look over our shoulders over there.  Not, you know, that Instagram can replace the lengthy, moody picking apart of life that we do over here, but it has its own place, I am having to admit. 

Find us there-@ewatsonhowe, or you can click through on the little widget to the left of your screen.  Scroll down a bit if you don't see it.


Reader Comments (3)

Wow! Pretty soon you will be on facebook *gasp* :)

December 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterShannon

Thanks for sharing your life on instagram with us. We miss you all terribly! And, about the haircut--it's adorable, and a rite of passage. It's the 4 year old haircut almost every 4 year old girl does. Martha did it too, and I made her wear a ridiculous hat for pictures! I wish I hadn't! She was cute with or without a good do.

January 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJoy Howe

I go back and forth about the haircut. It's cute, but I thought what she had was cuter, but this is fun, and as you say, inevitable, and, well, she did make a choice and she sticks by it. We miss you too. (And check the temperature where you live nearly every day and think of you and shiver a little. And you're right. Martha looks good no matter what she does to her hair. And she's still doing stuff to it regularly. Hm. Maybe it runs in the family?

January 2, 2015 | Registered CommenterErin

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