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a puffed sleeves pattern

Puffed sleeves.  Oh, how I love them.  They're so...feminine, so baby/toddler/little girl.  They add the perfect touch in so many situations.

They can be finished with bias binding, with ruffles, with elastic, oh, with beading lace and a ribbon...shall I continue? 

Today I have a new pattern for you!  It's a basic puffed sleeve (if you can call such a sweet thing basic).

Sizes 3m-10--choose your price

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These patterns don't have a seam allowance, just like all our basic patterns, because I want you to feel free to fiddle with the shape and size of the pattern before you add your own special seam allowance width.  (Isn't this kind of me?  Don't answer that.)  Six sizes come in one file, so if you order the "small" puffed sleeves, you'll get sizes 3-6 months through 4, and the "large" pack contains sizes 5-10.  Print them out, make them yours, and sew puffed sleeves all day long!

Oh.  Okay, if you must have a dress to put them in, here's how to sew a yoke dress.  But why not just make a bunch, put them in a crystal bowl, and love the way the sun hits them?

That's what I'd do.



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